The Doom of Damocles; A Bitter Bite

And so it begins

How I met your Regent

We get conscripted by Ravenia to go to Court to see a gargoyle about a Ravnos. We get there and pick up some mail from Keval. He lets us know that there is trouble on the southeast side of Court. We head back and get ambushed by an aryan mother fucker that we manage to ash in battle and we bring all of his stuff back to Ceoris with us. Ravenia is not concerned about our near death and asks for a report on the ashes.  We take the ashes to Gregor who helpfully describes the guy we saw. We bring the mail to the Quartemaster and end up delivering it to Lafayette who sends us to talk to Walterstein about the dude who attacked us. Walterstein flips his shit and wants to know who else knows about any of it. Every person we meet wants a written report on everything. 


Rucknir Rucknir

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