The Doom of Damocles; A Bitter Bite

That's what we're trying to find out! We're trying to find out *who* killed him, and *where*, and with *what*!


Some parts of my notes are kind of sketchy- I highlighted things that definitely don't make sense so feel free to fill in if you know what that is about.

We visit Walterstein in the Oubliette (which is shaped like a d8?) We essentially have nothing new to tell him so he tells us to report back in 48 hours. We take the sword to Stan and find out that it was stolen about 48 hours ago. Harlan examines sword and then drops it like its hot bc it is super powerful. Lafayette knows that we are investigating for Walter.  We go to the armory and try to check out some weapons but Kaval says to GTFO unless you have a permission slip.

We head to the tactical tower and there is a guy in front of a warded staircase and talk to Sera. She says that there is conflict along the road to Bucharest by guerrilla Tz. She takes one of our black coins to misreport our conversation. She lets us know that captives are normally interrogated and then killed, not stored long enough to escape. We go back to Walterstein and he is cleaning some live skeletons with beetles. We ask him for stuff. He tells us to check it out and promotes Quintas to A1. 

We head to Rainments and see Juicestine who gives Quintas some dark crimson robes with some occult stuff written on it. He says that Quintas will get his magus mark in 2 nights. We all get a weapon or some armor. We walk out the door and run into Ravenia. She promotes Simon to A2 so we go back in to get him some robes too.

Go by Lafayette and Saorise talks to him in his study with all the researching acolytes. He asks her to recommend some things to  the herbologists. Also tell Walterstein that the blood was let a fortnight ago. 

Visit Hera the alchemist and Saorise does her thing. She does not get promoted for actually doing something other than standing adjacent to a regent. 

Bop over to the stables and get some horses from Gregor. We stop by the spot we were attacked and find a ironwood box with dirt in it. Harlan senses a cave to the NW but Quintas doesnt believe her.Simon out ranks him so we run up there to prove its real. Quintas loses his shit and Harlan has to restrain him until Saorise can calm him down. We find some footprints coming out of the wall. 

We get to Court and talk to Ivan. he points us to the Grotesqueries and we find out that a hooded Tremere came by 3 nights ago and set up staggered patrols that only pass by the spot we were attacked two times at predictable times. 

We go to Sven, the regent of Court. He acts suspicious of us and seems to know that someone escaped form Ceoris. He asks how old we are and then sends us out to Cross. 

The regent of Cross is Yara. We read her a message that says we are to spearhead the investigation and some mysterious message "it was let out at nine o'clock".  We go see Jessup

Talk to Marcopolo the mail guy in Court to send a message to let Walterstein know where we are. We do nothing for a week. and then head back to Court.

Sven gives us  a scroll to give to Walterstein. We drop that off and Alina talks her way in to a tour of the Oubliette. Then to to talk to the Ceoris Gargoyles to see if they have been given any weird orders. Christian totally cock blocks us. 

We take the box to Lafayette and he touched it and confirms that guy who attacked us had it previously. We ask him to touch the dirt and he freaks the fuck out and says some stuff about Transylvania, music, lights, end times. Two guys with white eyes and douche hair show up and beat him into torpor and drag him out. They promote a rando guy to R1 to take over and we are thrown out. 

We try to set a trap by telling our three suspects different times that we are going to be in the cave talking about who is guilty. We then proceed to be attacked on the way to the cave. We go to Sven in Court because we think that it had to be one of the Ceoris people who set up the attack based on timing. 

Sven takes a vote on who did it. We find out it was all a <s>dream</s> test. 

::7 year long training montage::

We go back to Court and find out that Sven needs a decorator. We are all A3 except for Saorise who is A5. Sven says that we are now to go to Bucharest and set up a domain/Chantry, staff it and head back. We are not to take any political positions. 


Rucknir Rucknir

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