The Doom of Damocles; A Bitter Bite

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Foot in Mouth Disease

We roll out to Bucharest and are attacked on the way and Simon and Quintas are torpored. We get to the tiny house that our contacts Albanus (R9) and Isabella (A6) are posted in. Isabella tells us that people are usually sent here as a punishment but that we supposedly are here to do something other than die as everyone else that comes is wont to do. We ask if she knows who is killing the Tremere off and she says that she suspects that it is due to one person but then won't give us any more info. Albadus comes out and also gives us no info except that there are only suppossed to be 2 Tremere in town at any one time so the official story is that we are passing through and then we will try to secure some task from  the administration that will buy us some more time. He then asks us a riddle that Saoirse answers correctly so she is promoted to A4 and Alginus announces that they are going to immediately go see the Chamberlin, Teadora, to let her know we are here. They walk about an hour into town and go to a half built cathedral where Teadora is gruesomely interrogating someone who is chained and nailed to the floor. 

Abacus speaks to Teadora and she demands to see all of the Tremere so he turns right around and heads back leaving Saoirse behind.  Teadora's brother Radu offers to introduce Saoirse to her so that she can be not immediately murdered. Teadora interrogates Saoirse and ends up nailing Saoirse's foot to the floor and ask her questions. 

We all finally get there with Abladdin and try to draw attention from Saoirse. We are insane so we bring along Alina and Harlan disguised as Tremere. Laschishka consults with a local Brujah, Ventrue and Malkavian to see if one of them will speak for the Tremere so that we can get hospitality. Alphose is being mind controlled by Teadora so he offers no help and neither do the locals so Lasch randomly picks the Brujah, Nikita, to speak for us. 

Nikita calls in some boons against the administration to get us hospitality for the night and Teadora adds in the condition that she also gets custody of Alonzo and Nikita agrees. Ablat is grabbed by some guys who appear out of no where and disappears. We get Morgan free and GTFO of the cathedral. Nikita escorts us home and lets us know that we are currently living in Ventrue territory but that she will relocate us now that we are under her protection. So we have been in town for about five hours and the regent has been kidnapped, Saoirse has been tortured and we have pissed off the clan that has been keeping the Tremere alive thus far.

We let Isabella know that Aflac has been taken by Teadora and that we will find out at sunset whether or not we have hospitality. Hector and GHOUL HORSE! show up at sunset and walk right in to let us know that we have hospitality for two weeks, including the night that has just passed. After consulting with Isabella we decide to head to one of the Elysiums to try to smooth things over with the Ventrue. Isabella will ransack Alfonso's study to figure out what we need to do now that he is gone. 

We speak with Nikita and she seems very smug that we picked her instead of the Ventrue. We talk with some locals for a bit and Alina makes friends with a Toreador Talon [can't find where I wrote down his name]. 

After speaking with both Agatha and Nikita it is agreed that we should remain under the protection of the Ventrue and we pay Nikita some boons and Saoirse gives her some magic neosporin. Agatha tells us that Agrobar was helping the Ventrue gather blood, create magic protections [?] and gather information about the Cappadocians.

Meanwhile.. back at the ranch…

Isabella tells Harlan that she has found some records that indicate that Algor is supposed to meet with X for a blood exchange. 

Quintas wakes up in a tray of blood and creeps his way out of the basement. [something happens] Some dudes burst through the door and attack everybody. Isabella takes an axe to the head and Harlan smooshes on of them and the other runs out the door.

The rest of us get back and try to explain to Quintas what has happened while he was napping. While we are arguing about this Hector shows up with GHOUL HORSE! and lets us know that the Cappadocian Deputy is going to walk in so we may want to straighten things up. Harlan drags dead guy and Isabella to the basement and Alina makes it look nice and clean inside just in time for Marta to walk in. 

Marta advises us of where the Elysiums are, the library at the University and the Catacombs, and that the rack in underneath the Catacombs. Marta senses bloodstain that used to be a henchman and sucks his soul out of the floor and interrogates it before eating it. We admit that we have been attacked and Marta tells us who the henchman said sent him and where he had generally come from. 

Quintas decides to track henchman and he sets out with Laschishka and [Saoirse's cat] to follow glowing footsteps in to the city. We all hop around the rooftops until we get to a 3 story house with a trap door and a chimney. Then Marta shows up downstairs with a bunch of ghouls and ghosts. We try to get out of their way but the ghouls see us and we surrender to them and talk to Marta. Lasch sucks up to Marta to seem less suspicious and Marta finds out that Quintas is magically tracking the henchman. We pretend that the spell requires both of us and Marta decides that we can continue and she will follow us with her posse. 

We go back to the roof and down the chimney to the catacombs. We go through there to a secret door and Marta's people swarm in and  take everybody down. Quintas gets a boon from her.

We then do absolutely nothing for another twelve days.

We go back to Teadora and cash in the deputy's boon to be allowed to stay for ten years. There is no resistance to this which is completely non suspicious. 


Rucknir Rucknir

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